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|South Brisbane, Queensland| |Certified Remedial Massage Therapist |

 Science of Fitness : 282 Montague rd, West End, 4101, Brisbane|

Why me?

I am 29 years old and have played sports my whole life. I have been competing in Triathlons for the past 4 years and I know first hand how beneficial massage can be for not only athletes but also the general population in their day to day lives.

Correct massage recovery and body maintenance rituals are essential to sustaining a healthy mind and body.

I have a focus on performance and recovery from training and events and I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from my time around therapists and athletes in a multitude of sports and events.



I work with cyclists, triathletes , runners, swimmers and professional sportspeople. I have sustained and managed my own body while competing in high level sports and I want to share my knowledge.

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